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Attention Class of 2025!

The Next Digital SAT Test Date is August 24, 2024

The all-new digital SAT (DSAT) is right around the corner.
Prepare now to achieve your best score with Bespoke Education's
tutoring, classes, and practice tests.

The All-New Digital SAT. What You Need to Know.

Our expert 12-person test development team analyzed more than 1000 questions from College Board Digital SAT practice tests. They identified these five need-to-know trends:


A More Adaptive, Personalized Test

Moving away from a one-size-fits-all structure, the digital SAT adjusts the difficulty of future questions based on a student’s performance on earlier questions.

Fewer Questions, More Weight

The newly designed SAT has also decreased the total number of questions, increasing the premium on accuracy and strategic answering.

A New Opportunity to Manage Time Wisely

Along with trimming the number of questions, the time of the new test will drop two hours and fifteen minutes, from the current three hours.

Navigating the Digital Terrain is Crucial for Success

More than just understanding the subject matter, the revised digital SAT requires technological fluency as an essential part of achieving success.

The Return of Vocabulary Questions

While the SAT’s newest evolution is cutting-edge for the education landscape, the exam catches a glimpse of the past with the reintroduction of vocabulary-focused questions.

Bespoke’s Founder and CEO Tim Levin expands on these points in a recent byline article and media interview.

Bespoke’s Digital SAT Services Builds on a 20-year Record of Test Prep Success

Bespoke’s end-to-end DSAT preparation program includes these individual services:


Bespoke Education’s 200+ tutors have received comprehensive training to teach DSAT prep.


Bespoke’s DSAT “test & learn” curriculum is currently being taught to over 10,000 students at the nation’s leading charter and private schools.

Practice Tests

Any student, anywhere, can take Bespoke’s Digital SAT online. Local students can take a proctored version of the test in our local offices by signing up here.

A Proven Path to Stand out in a
“Test Optional” World

The shorter and more accessible Digital SAT addresses past concerns voiced by students, parents, and educators. The test will remain a tool for college admissions officers at selective institutions to assess current and future academic importance.  

Here’s a sampling of thought leaders’ recent views on the importance of standardized testing.

Your Secret Weapon for DSAT Success?
Practice. Measure. Improve.

For two decades, Bespoke’s educators have worked with students to reach their testing goals with a prep curriculum that mixes focused study with regular practice testing. Here’s what your test prep program might look like.

Bespoke’s “Test & Learn” Program


Find Your Baseline

  • Take Bespoke’s Free Diagnostic Test

  • Personalized Score Analysis

  • Pinpoint your Strengths

  • Prioritize Areas of Improvement


Set Goals & Study Plan

  • Set your Sights on a Goal Score

  • Consistent Weekly Video Lessons

  • Regular Practice with Top of the Line Material

  • Learn Game-Changing DSAT Strategies


Measure. Focus. Improve.

  • Perfect your Pace with Timing Drills

  • Video Review on Hard-Hitting Questions

  • Polish your Strengths

  • Identify multiple pathways to success


Prep for Test Day

  • Practice Pacing with Time Drills

  • Putting it all together

  • Show up to Test Day with Sharp Skills and Confidence!

100% Money-Back Guarantee

100% money-back guarantee if not satisfied after taking the SAT test.

SAT/ACT - Diagnostic Test

Learn your baseline score on both tests in an hour.


3 DSAT Tests + SAT/ACT Diagnostic Test

3 different adaptive Digital SAT practice tests for the price of 2. Save $45. Plus, get our Digital SAT/ACT Diagnostic Test for FREE.


6 DSAT Tests + SAT/ACT Diagnostic Test

6 different adaptive Digital SAT practice tests at our lowest price per test. Save $125. Plus, get our Digital SAT/ACT Diagnostic Test for FREE.


Need help selecting a plan? Contact us!