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Crush the Digital SAT

The all-new digital SAT (DSAT) is right around the corner. Start practicing smarter now with Bespoke's validated DSAT Tests. Get three tests for the price of two. Plus, our Digital SAT/ACT Diagnostic Test. Only $90.

Go from Prep to Success with Bespoke’s DSAT Practice Tests

The Top Five Reasons to Practice Smarter with Bespoke’s DSAT Tests


"Test Day" Look & Feel

Your test-taking experience is identical to the College Board's, including adaptive testing structure, hot button navigation, and the Desmos calculator.

Questions Written & Reviewed by Experts

A team of 12 test development experts put every DSAT question (so far more than 1000) through an eight-step creation, review, and validation process.

On-Demand Timed Tests

DSAT testing on the go. Your timed tests are downloaded to your device and can be taken anytime at school or home.

Accurate Scores

When you take one of our practice tests, you'll find that our score accuracy represents the actual score of the real DSAT, so you're truly prepared.

Personalized Reports

Our reporting capabilities offer insights that will strengthen both test taking and time management skills.

Practice With DSAT Tests Taken by More Than 20,000 Students Nationwide

Digital Practice Tests anchor Bespoke’s test prep curriculum being taught to more than 15,000 students at leading US charter schools. Another 5,000 NYC area students are scheduled to take our tests at their schools or in our offices.

Here’s why Bespoke’s Digital Practice Tests have quickly become the first choice for educators, parents, and students.


8 Steps: The test design, question creation, and review process we follow for every test


100 Years: The collective experience of Bespoke’s Test Curriculum Development team


500 Hours: The time devoted by the team to create a single practice test to meet our strict criteria for question fidelity and predictive scoring

100% Money-Back Guarantee

100% money-back guarantee if not satisfied after taking the SAT test.

DSAT – 3 Bespoke Tests + SAT/ACT Diagnostic Test

3 unique, adaptive Digital SAT practice tests for the price of 2. Plus, our Digital SAT/ACT Diagnostic Test. Save $45.

$135.00 $90

DSAT – Single Test

A single, adaptive Digital SAT practice test.


SAT/ACT - Diagnostic Test

Baseline your scores. Discover what test suits you best.


Need help selecting a plan? Contact us!